Friday, 7 June 2013

Chinese claim to have achieved teleportation !! 06/07/2013

 Chinezii susţin că au obţinut recordul la teleportare

A team of researchers from the University of Science and Technology of China states that a photon beam at a distance of 97 kilometers, surpassing the previous record dating from 2010, which was only 16 km.

Quantum teleportation, which scientists began to speak in 1997, is different from what we see in science fiction movies. Considered "a sort of Holy Grail of quantum communication," as researchers call their work, teleporting is the ability to move an object from one place to another without taking the space between the two locations. The object itself does not move from point A to B, but rather distant photon photon replica information contained initially, becoming a "twin" of it.
The largest contribution to the team is not necessarily great distance at which they managed to teleport information, but the method used to manipulate laser beam 1.3 watts you bear. The journey undertaken by the beam is longer, the more it expands, causing the photon to lose information on the route. To keep the beam direction, researchers have invented a special technique that focuses and directs the laser.

Now, experts say, if the method will be developed, it will be useful for sending secret information to the military.

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