Sunday, 2 June 2013

They were discovered by Alexander the crown and shield !!!

Au fost descoperite coroana si scutul lui Alexandru Macedon

An ancient Greek tomb which is believed sheltered body of King Philip II of Macedonia, father of Alexander the Great, proved to be the tomb of Alexander's brother, according to recent studies by researchers from c University.
This means that some of the artifacts found in the tomb, including a helmet, a shield and a crown of silver could have originally belonged to Alexander the Great. Because of his half-brother would have inherited the law, according to the tradition in those days and most historians and biographers famous conqueror of antiquity. c.

Recent analyzes have shown that the paintings, pottery and artifacts from the tomb rest are actually a generation newer than the time of King Philip. Other evidence from the paintings inside, which shows scenes from the campaigns conducted by Alexander in Egypt and Asia as well as the discovery of a scepter in length of 2 meters in all probability belonged to Philip III Arrhideaus,'s stepbrother Alexander. Alexander died in 323 BC near Babylon The generals have appointed his successor on his half-brother and he asked Alexander's objects as proof of legitimacy and continuity of the power of the great conqueror, as all historical sources.

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