Thursday, 5 March 2015

First introduced 146 years ago. Now we all learn in chemistry class. Dmitri Mendeleev table of elements.

On March 6, 1869, the chemist Dmitri Mendeleev presented to the Russian Chemical Society first periodic table of elements.

Russian chemist made public version is asem─ân─âtoarei that is used today.

Mendeleev's painting was a complete representation of the complex relationship between chemical elements, and, on the other hand, using that table, Mendeleev was able to predict both the existence of other elements even suspect to exist in his time, and properties their general. Most of his predictions were confirmed by subsequent discoveries in chemistry.

Paper presented at the Society of Chemistry called "atomic mass dependence of the properties of the elements" and proposed using mass and valence to describe items.

 Day 6 March meanings:

1475 - Michelangelo Buonarroti Simoni was born painter, sculptor and Italian architect. (D. 1564).

1883 - Law for the accession to the International Convention meter, concluded in Paris on 8/20 May 1875.

1919 - Military Council interlude in Paris ("Note Vyx") submitted Hungary decision on compulsory withdrawal of Hungarian troops in Transylvania.

1897 - Entered into force law rest on Sundays and holidays. Under the law, was free only on Sunday morning and another 14 holidays per year.

1945 - Establishment of Government dr. Petru Groza (under Soviet military pressure, King Michael is forced to accept his appointment as Prime Minister Petru Groza, he formed a new government, the key ministries were held by communists).

1948 - was created International Maritime Organization (IMO) - UN specialized agency.

1989 - The spokesman for the Soviet Foreign Ministry announces waiver "Brezhnev doctrine" in relations with the countries of Eastern Europe.

1993 - was signed in Istanbul Convention on cooperation in culture, education, science and information in the Black Sea.

2000 - Olympic Games Sydney 2000. Of the 53 commemorative coins dedicated to this sport events were presented at Sydney 17, one considered the largest in Olympic history (diameter 10 cm).

2008 - Government of Iceland formally recognized the independence of Kosovo.

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