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"The Assassination of Jesus' new details to the well-known story.

The documentary "The Assassination of Jesus", which examines social and political conflicts that led to the execution of one of the most famous figures of history, will be broadcast on March 29, the National Geographic Channel worldwide, including in Romania.

"The Assassination of Jesus" is "a three-hour television event" based on a book by Bill O'Reilly and Martin Dugard and produced by Scott Free Productions, the production company of renowned film and television directors and brothers Ridley and Tony Scott.

The documentary, directed by Christopher Mena, will premiere on March 29th at 21:00 and will be broadcast in 172 countries, in 45 languages, according to a press release issued Tuesday.

Leading distribution is Kelsey Grammer (known for his roles in the series "Partners", "Boss"), who plays ruthless and ambitious Herod the Great, king of Judea by the Romans called, known for killing all male infants in Bethlehem and Stephen Moyer (from "True Blood"), the role of Pontius Pilate, the Roman governor who ordered the crucifixion of Jesus.

Haaz Sleiman (in "uninvited guests / The Visitor") portrays Jesus, and Rufus Sewell ("Hercules") is Caiaphas, the high priest of Jerusalem and conspirator in the murder of Jesus.

Built around a screenplay by Walon Green, a writer whose work has been recognized by the Academy Awards and Emmy ("The Wild Buch"), and directed by Chris Mena, winner of a BAFTA ("The Passion of Ayn Rand "," Fatherland ")," The Assassination of Jesus' promises to bring a comprehensive perspective on the story of Jesus, which will intrigue both believers and atheists and people of other faiths.

The documentary begins at time of birth of Jesus, while King Herod the Great govern Judea, but was concerned about possible threats to his power. This concern pushes to order the killing of all male children under two years. Little Jesus and his family managed to escape. Viewers will be able to pass quickly over 26 years and to follow Jesus began to develop and spread his message and gathering a group of devout believers.

At the same time, new players policies, including his son Herod Antipas, the ruler appointed by the Romans and Pontius Pilate, are concerned about the growing influence of Jesus, while the Temple Hebrew religious leaders, Caiaphas and Anna, I questioned its teachings and methods.

By compote, conspiracy and influence, Jesus is finally arrested, partly due to the betrayal of one of his disciples, and crucified. He was buried in a tomb unguarded, and when his mourners returning a few days later to anoint the body, it is not. Until today, the body of Jesus of Nazareth was not found.

"The Assassination of Jesus" is produced by Scott Free Productions. For Scott Free, Ridley Scott, David W. Zucker and Mary Lisio executive producers, along with Bill O'Reilly and Teri Weinberg.

For National Geographic Channel, executive producer Charlie Parsons and Heather Moran are. Tim Pastore is NGC Chairman of the Division of programs and original productions.

A company owned by National Geographic Ventures and FOX Entertainment Group, National Geographic Channels International (NGCI) joins the National Geographic Society in its commitment to exploration, conservation and education through its six television channels: National Geographic Channel, National Geographic Channel HD Nat Geo Wild, Nat Geo Wild HD, Nat Geo Nat Geo Mundo and People.

Globally, National Geographic Channel (NGC including US, which is a partnership of NGV and Fox Cable Networks Group) is available in over 440 million homes in 171 countries and in 45 languages

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