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Exorcism - The Edge of Reason

Exorcismul - la limita ratiunii

Demonic possession is described as a being control by the devil or by his henchmen, after being used for destructive purposes for himself and others. Among the manifestations of this "state" include erasing memory or personality rampage and seizures. Different voluntary possession, the person let dominated by entities to facilitate communication with spirits from other worlds, the subject of demonic possession has no control over the spirits that rule over. Without taking any action to remove them, the entity will cease to torment the possessed person until the latter passed away.Demonic possession is described as a being control by the devil or by his henchmen, after being used for destructive purposes for himself and others. Among the manifestations of this "state" include erasing memory or personality rampage and seizures. 

Different voluntary possession, the person let dominated by entities to facilitate communication with spirits from other worlds, the subject of demonic possession has no control over the spirits that rule over. Without taking any action to remove them, the entity will cease to torment the possessed person until the latter passed away.Since ancient times jesus meets the devil 

In many cultures and religions are mentioned demonic manifestations of human beings, regardless of their social status. The earliest reference to the possession come from Sumerian, who believed that all diseases of body and mind are caused by some "gid-dim." Gid-dim were the spirits of the dead who dwelt in the underworld, representing, according to Sumerian belief, only a half of a deceased person, the other being "adda" (body). "Adda" was often buried under the floor of the family house for the spirit separates from the body and descended into the underworld.The power of such a gid-dim stood lifetime achievements in the number of sons whom he had lamented. Spirits could return to haunt the world of the living and punish the fools that left unburied dead people or if they are honoring the memory. 

Romans believed that human beings could not only be possessed, but also animals, plants, and even inanimate objects. In the fifth century, Pope Gregory I wrote about a nun possessed by a demon that enters the body or through the lettuce leaves that we eat.The concept of "demonic influence" in Christianity resembles the Hebrew. In the New Testament are described episodes in which Jesus meets people demonized, it heals by banishing evil entities from possessed bodies.

Diagnosis Religious

Later in the Middle Ages, theologians believed possession as heresy and anyone with strange manifestations were suspected of being influenced by evil spirits. Devil and his servants were called "energumenus" while possessed were told "energumen". It even prepared a list of symptoms which can recognize a person possessed by evil spirits, including:ability to blasphemy in languages ​​other than those known to the person concerned, the ability to read the thoughts of others and to disclose events that were to occur, superhuman physical strength, ability to vomit any object / food ingested possessed; fear / aversion to holy objects, inability to pronounce the name of the person of Christ.

In practice, it was enough for a person to show only one of these symptoms to be labeled as possessed. It was known that people suspected of this "disease" had a repulsive aspect, moody looks, blue lips, body shaking them constantly, and when they spoke the language out of your mouth long and unusual words contained insults and blasphemies against the divine. They were also able to imitate animal sounds and have an unusual tone of voice their vocal. Possession occurs in two distinct stages: one calm and one of crisis. Stage crisis manifests through contortions, outbursts of anger, profanity and vulgar words. During the period of calm, it is largely forgotten, and the behavior returns to normal, even to piety.

During this time, Christians have experienced unprecedented approach to religion, being fearful versus the Devil. Popular belief was that between God and Satan wears a perpetual war for mortal souls. Believers were convinced that possession could do in two ways. Let the spirits flow directly into the victim's body or entity was sent by another person with the forces of darkness.

People believed that God allowed Satan to test the temptations and difficulties, based on the example of Job. Every time a disaster happens (crops destroyed, cattle death, serious illness) that people were looking for a witch to blame. The result was this, guilty or not, was burned at the stake. Many helpless widows were deprived of their property and burned, being declared witches.

Counteroffensive: exorcism

Exorcism is a religious rite which is aimed at the expulsion of evil entities of a living being. This practice is probably universal: when people have embraced the faith and worshiped a god recognized by this act and the existence of evil, represented by devils and demons. Therefore the practice of exorcism appeared in breast primitive societies as a method of removing devil possession. This form is found in shamanism Caucasian, African and practice voodoo rituals. Exorcism will be institutionalized in Catholic Christianity, particularly in the Middle Ages, being practiced by less credulele modern times, both at the symbolic and a practical level.

In a more simple form, exorcism is practiced in the rite of baptism, but its function is more symbolic. In canonical terms exorcism, it can be performed only by a priest and exorcist only with the permission of the bishop. Aside from its theological or cultural significance, like other parapsychological phenomena that may be associated possession crisis can be easily confused with one of hysteria, spasmophilia or trance. For Catholic theologians distinguish the diagnosis of mental illness and demonic possession was made for a long time on account of paranormal phenomena.

A case For young Annelise Michel (21.sep.1952 - 01.jul. 1976) produced much hype at the time and subsequently inspired filmmaking "Exorcism of Emily Rose" (2005) and "Requiem" (2006). Annelise lived in Germany in the middle of the last century, being born in a very religious family. At age 16 she was diagnosed with epilepsy at the psychiatric clinic of Wurzburg, suffering from mental disorders due to a severe exorcism.

After a stint in a psychiatric hospital, Annelisei condition has not improved, but rather appeared and moods of depression. Focusing spirit and life around the church, began to believe that her condition was caused by demonic possession. Prolonged medical treatment that had followed him gave no result, the condition worsened every day, nay, become intolerant of sacred objects. Seeing that conventional medicine had failed all results Annelise became more firm in his beliefs that the disease was a spiritual suffering, yet began treatment with psychotropic drugs. Meanwhile, parents have turned to more local priests for performing an exorcism. After many rejections, the ritual was accepted by Bishop Josef Stangl in September 1975.

The bishop appointed Arnold Renz and Ernst Alt priests to perform an exorcism. The process took 11 months and was held in secret in Annelisei room and along or drug therapy was discontinued. Voices from within the possessed claimed that demons were tormenting her Judas Iscariot, Cain, Nero, Adolf Hitler, Valentin Fleischmann (XVI century monk in disgrace) and Lucifer himself. On July 1, 1976, Annelise Michel died in her sleep, something which, incidentally, she accurately predicted. According to the autopsy, the death was caused by malnutrition and dehydration during the 11 months of exorcism, and guilt (priests and parents Annelisei) were tried and convicted. Today, Michel's grave in Klingenberg am Main Annelisei is a place of pilgrimage for many Catholics, convinced that it had very much to help the souls in Purgatory.

Contemporary Demons
Belief in the possibility of demonic possession began to fade when he appeared modern medicine. What before was thought to be controlled by an individual spirit, usually evil, is now interpreted as one of many forms of mental disorders, easy to explain in terms of nervous system activity. But, although any type of behavior is coordinated by the brain, neurology and neurochemistry have not found all the answers to so-called cases of possession.

A possese
sd soul was described as suffering from various diseases or malformations violent outbursts (physical and verbal), vulgar, self-mutilation and starts twitching, the ability to speak languages ​​unknown to them normally and aversion to religious objects and symbols .

Despite this description, the development of medicine and psychology has led to other diagnoses than the possession, the explanation being in abnormal brain function and nervous system. There are many disorders that are confused with the presence of evil entities including schizophrenia (and other forms of psychosis), dissociative identity disorder and Tourette syndrome.

Schizophrenia is characterized by delusions and hallucinations, disorganized speech, catatonic behavior, affective and emotional responses flattened. Psychotic episodes can very accurately simulate the state of demonic possession through delusions and hallucinations, feelings of guilt

and megalomania (the person believed God, Satan, or one of them he talks and gives instructions for a special mission).


Representative case is the so-called "folie a deux", a rare syndrome in which psychosis is transmitted from one individual to another, usually close to sick people who are eventually convinced of the existence of and evil entities taking part in the so-called mission. If necessary, it can convey more individuals being named "folie a trois", "folie a quatre", "film a la famille", "a film PLUSIEURS"

Individuals suffering from catatonic schizophrenia expressed through behavior, and tend to position their bodies in strange positions and positions for long periods of time, with exaggerated facial expressions and mannerisms, and imitating the state of trance.Another disorder that was misdiagnosed as demonic possession is dissociative identity disorder known as multiple personality. The principle of this disorder is the presence of two or more identities, each with its own way of perceiving the self and the environment and unable to remember his own self essentials, normally impossible to forget. A person who is in a demon has its purpose, attitude, mannerisms, style of speaking and even voice. Person possesses them impossible to remember the time period in which the demon manifested through her actions and the results of his actions. This type of behavior is found in the principle completely dissociative identity disorder.Tourette Syndrome was over time often interpreted as a sign of possession, because its manifestations: motor and vocal tics (coughing, roaring, growling, fornait, obsessive repetition of words or phrases, nose wrinkling, lifting shoulders , jumps, spins, touching people or objects), coprolalia and vulgar cries were believed to be part of the manifestations of evil and even a hint for them. 

Syndrome named after French neurologist who first described in 1855, Gilles de la Tourette. Obsessive-compulsive disorder and attention deficit hyperactivity are common in patients with Tourette's disorder and can cause more severe than the disease itself.

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